Bollywood Shoots

Krishna  is a Pune based makeup artist who has been working in the industry since 2012. His unmatched talent has transformed actors, making them perfect for the characters they are playing for the movies. He is been in the industry more than 6 years.He has survived the changes in the industry by enhancing his skills and learning new techniques in the field of makeup and prosthetics and innovating without a break.

Krishna, a famous makeup artist, with an exceptional and unique style has amazed audience through different mediums. His talent has been showcased on magazine covers, feature films and Ad films. His notable Bollywood movies are The Dream JobFight Marathi movieDhatura Marathi movie, Flying jatt, Pyaar ka punchnama 2 ,Tasta brand, and there are many more to his credit. 

We do observe a trend of photographs appearing on internet where pictures placed side by side show how celebrities look with and without their makeup. This is enough proof to show what difference a makeup artist can do. A makeup artist has a great challenge of working on a canvass called human body; moreover, this body belongs to a Film Star who is going to shine on the big screen.

Make up is an essential part of the entertainment industry as it helps breathe life into a character by making them more three dimensional.

An actor has a much easier time being able to commit to a role if they truly believe that they have been transformed into the character they are playing. This belief is mandatory for the audience as well.

The best makeup artists are those whose work you never really notice. As an audience member, assuming all other elements are met (acting, writing, directing), it becomes that much easier for you to become invested in the characters on the screen when the makeup is done well. It is true artistry.